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Gary Frankovich, SAMS® AMS® Gary Frankovich SAMS® AMS®
Accredited Marine Surveyor®
SAMS® Executive Vice President
Certified Level I Thermographer
USCG 100 Ton Master, Power/Sail/Commercial Towing Assistance

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Based in Jacksonville, Florida and serving Brunswick, Georgia, St. Marys, Georgia, Fernandina Beach, Florida, Amelia Island Florida, St. Augustine, Florida Palm Coast Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida and all areas within 85 miles of Jacksonville with no mileage fee, as well as the Continental US, Bahamas, Caribbean, and World Wide by special arrangement.

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Thank you for visiting the website of Accurate Marine Surveys. All vessels pictured have been PERSONALLY surveyed by Gary Frankovich ®AMS.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gary Frankovich, AMS® a Professional Accredited Marine Surveyor, I perform marine surveys and nothing else. I don't do this to augment a pension, I don't do this on the side, I don't own any other businesses, and I don't sell any products. I’m not a kid just off the blocks, my first memory of working on boats is as a young child every spring helping my father re-caulk and re-paint our wood fishing boat (which he built) that spent each winter in the front yard of our lakefront house where I grew up.

Marine Surveys By Accurate Marine Surveys Inc., Jacksonville, Florida - Gary Frankovich, SAMS® AMS® EXPERIENCE COUNTS! I've been professionally involved in the Marine Industry for over 42 years. I've been a delivery skipper, charter yacht owner/Captain, project manager, yacht broker, and owned my own company (working hands on) that built USCG certified passenger catamarans. I attended Purdue University, Sea School, and graduated with honors from Chapman's Marine Surveying School. I hold a 100 ton USCG Masters License for Power, Sail, and Commercial Towing Assistance. I've attended a number of ABYC courses including ABYC Standards, Basic Marine Engines, Basic Marine Electrical, as well as several Appraising Marine Asset seminars presented by the Lead Instructor for the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) in regards to marine asset appraisals. I've also completed and passed the examination of an on-line Cargo course with SUNY Maritime College. But besides all that, I learned boats first hand, through experience, and EXPERIENCE COUNTS! I've been a full time marine surveyor since 2000 and I've performed more than 3,200 marine surveys on boats ranging from an 18' carbon-fiber rowing skull to a 115' paddled wheel dinner boat with everything in between. I've monitored new builds, worked for both owners and insurance companies on damage claims, and testified in court as an expert witness. Power, Sail, or Multi-hull, please allow me to use my EXPERIENCE for your benefit.

Marine Surveys By Accurate Marine Surveys Inc., Jacksonville, Florida - Gary Frankovich, SAMS® AMS® When you hire me, I work only for YOU, report only to YOU, and have only YOUR best interests in mind.

I have also served as The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors Florida Regional Director, Membership Vice-President, and currently hold the position of Executive Vice President.

Most people hire a marine surveyor to perform a survey because the bank or insurance company tells them they have to. My belief is that the choice of a marine surveyor and the marine survey itself can be the most important parts of your boat purchase or ownership! Not only can it save you money by finding defects or irregularities before you've paid your hard earned money, but, you're going to take your family and friends out on this vessel and you need to be very sure that the boat will bring everyone back to the dock. As for that pesky insurance company that insists you get a marine survey every so many years, I've never performed an insurance survey and not found at least one safety issue (normally more than one), some minor, but some serious, and even some life threatening. No one ever looks at their vessel the way a professional marine surveyor does.

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