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Based in Jacksonville, Florida and serving Brunswick, Georgia, St. Marys, Georgia, Fernandina Beach, Florida, Amelia Island Florida, St. Augustine, Florida Palm Coast Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida and all areas within 85 miles of Jacksonville with no mileage fee, as well as the Continental US, Bahamas, Caribbean, and World Wide by special arrangement.

Common Findings From Surveys -

So, when you got home today and checked the mail, there was the dreaded letter from the insurance company informing you that you'll need to a have a fresh survey on your vessel in order to renew the policy. Oh well, no big deal, you take really good care of your boat so there won't be any problems, just call Accurate Marine Surveys at 904-377-0475 to schedule an appointment.

Listed below are the most common FINDINGS I run into, not only on Insurance Surveys, but Pre-Purchase Surveys as well.
  • Fire Extinguishers: No inspection tags, charge arrow in the red, powder is packed solid, or just too old (10 years+), and of course no fire extinguisher anywhere near the galley.
  • Navigation lights are NOT operational.
  • Sound making device (horn) is not operational.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector: NOT operable, none installed, or unplugged (when the CO detector beeps constantly don't unplug it, renew it), some have expiration dates.
  • Smoke detector is either inoperable, not installed, or doesn't have a battery in it.
  • Batteries: Not secured, not in acid proof boxes, wing nuts instead of hexagonal nuts, and no covers on the positive terminals.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI's): Either not installed or not operable.
  • Wires connected with wire nuts instead of butt splices.
  • Visual Distress Signals (flares) are out of date or not on board.
  • Seacocks are either so stiff you need a 3' extension to move them or they are seized.
  • Bilge pumps and/or automatic float switches are not operational.
  • Leaking prop and/or rudder shaft packing glands.
  • Cracked raw water hoses.
  • And last but certainly not least: The lifejackets (usually the $4.95 kind) are still in the plastic wrappers or inside the white vinyl pack, and stored under the V-berth where you'll never be able to get to them in an emergency.
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